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M&A Transaction

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From open source research to fieldwork interviews, we help clients collect data and provide clarity on complex issues before establishing relationship with Chinese counterparts.

As a long-term partner of law firms and financial institutions, we provide in-depth reputation studies and background checks on Chinese companies and individuals in sectors such as Online Education, Smart Packaging, and Recycling Materials.

Background Information

The client was a UK LED microscopy company. After selling in China through distributors for over a decade, the company was now looking to merge with one local partner so as to formalize an integrated strategy for the Chinese market.

Problem to Address

The client had enough information on its product portfolio and customer segments in China, but due to the decentralized distribution system, which was led by the local partner, they were not sure about potential risks for the company brand with the new joint venture (JV).

Tailored Scope of Service

  • Analysis of key themes of interest within the field of LED microscopy industry
  • Overview of competitive landscape and analysis of competitor distribution channels
  • CDD of the local partner and one alternative company for the JV
  • Stakeholder mapping of key influencers (professional and independent) for potential marketing plan

Project Achievements

With our unbiased review report, the client was more confident with the local partner for next stages of business development in China. They had also started talking to key stakeholders that could boost business cooperation in Zhejiang and Ningxia province. A holistic marketing campaign was designed and to be implemented across Chinese digital marketing channels.